Online Fairy Dancing Lessons

for your Little Fairies and Elves

The Fairies want your children to keep active even though they might have to stay indoors. The best way to do this, while still having loads of fairy fun, is to DANCE!


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Dancing is great exercise. It helps with listening, coordination and balance. It helps their confidence and it stimulates their endorphins … and we all know that happy children are fun children.

This never-released Fairy Dancing Lesson – Ballet – is the perfect 40-minute lesson for your child. We know they will love it!

And because we want your children to be entertained and happy, we’re including our new e-book The Fairies Dance, all of the song lyrics, make your own Pom Pom Instructions and special colouring in pages to enjoy.


Make life easier with a little help from The Fairies™

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What You Will Recieve

Fairy Dancing Fun

  • Exclusive Fairy Dancing Ballet Lesson featuring Rhapsody, Harmony &    Minuet
  • 13 x Song Lyrics to sing along to

Reading Fun

  • 22 page The Fairies™ Dance Instructions Ebook
  • Fun bios of all your favourite TV characters x 7

Craft Fun

  • Make your own Fairy Pom Poms
  • The Fairies™ Colouring Sheets x 3
  • Custom Name Boys and Girls Colouring Placemats x 2