Meet the Fairies


… is the purple fairy, and purple is her favourite colour.

The more practical fairy, Harmony often has to calm down her excitable best friend, Rhapsody. She is pretty, clever and very considerate of others, and has a very wise and a logical approach to solving the daily challenges in a fairy’s life. Harmony is the “ideas fairy”.

Harmony loves order in her life, in the Snuggery and in Fairyland. A clean space is important to her, but she knows you can make jobs more fun if you sing while you work.

Her beautiful dress is made of a number of layers of purple, laden with sparkles and glitter. It twirls and swirls beautifully when she dances, with a sweet bodice and pretty capped sleeves. Harmony’s dress enables her magical dancing steps to be totally appreciated by the preschool audience.


… is the pink fairy, and pink is her favourite colour.

As her name suggests, Rhapsody is an expression of ecstatic and excitable enthusiasm! Her bubbly personality is expressed constantly via her always smiling, cheeky face.

Best friend of Harmony, Rhapsody is very giggly and bouncy and easily excitable. She is very impulsive, often rushing in before she thinks (trying to fly out of the Snuggery still in her fairy nightie!)

Rhapsody is not a “home-body” like Harmony – although she realises cleaning has to be done, it’s certainly not her favourite thing to do – not when she could be flying, dancing, singing …. oh so many other options……
Rhapsody often defers to Harmony to come up with an idea, and is always grateful that her friend is usually able to find the perfect solution.

Barnaby the Bizzy Buzzy Bee

… is a slightly eccentric, quite frenetic, extremely lovable and huggable Bee, who makes honey for all his friends in Fairyland.

He provides a lot of humour whenever he is on screen. Barnaby lives in a honeycomb, close to Fairyland.

Barnaby’s walk and dance is a bit frenetic – slightly eccentric and muddled.

He often buzzes around like he’s a bit confused – the other characters often say “Slow down, Barnaby, you’re buzzing around like a bizzy buzzy bee!” and his reply is always “Well that’s because I AM a bizzy buzzy bee!”

Elf the Fairy Cake Maker

… is a young adult cake-making elf, quite slight of build, with pointy elf ears, renowned across all of Fairyland and beyond for his exceptional recipes and culinary talents.

Elf lives close to The Fairies and his flower pot kitchen is in the midst of Fairyland. He cooks up a storm whenever there is a celebration and Tricky Treats are his speciality.

He is an energetic, positive, happy character who makes the most of every situation, looking on the bright side of life and is never without a smile.

Wizzy the Wizard

… is from a planet called Wizzle Gazzelles and his introduction to Fairyland was through Elf the Fairy Cake Maker, whom he met at a spell school.

Wizzy is an extremely flamboyant character who always provides great comic relief whenever he is in Fairyland.

Whenever Wizzy arrives by magic, he arrives somewhere strange (and very funny!). On top of the mushroom, in a patch of flowers, hanging upside down from the swing, and his standard line when he lands is “Oh Whizzaling Weeblies – I do need to practise my landings!”

Wizzy believes in his heart he is a very good spell maker and magician, however unfortunately his spells usually take a few hilarious tries before they deliver! He will often produce something a bit strange and cause his audience to giggle and laugh. Wizzy, although generally mystified at the spells not working, always takes his friends’ laughter in good humour and is capable of laughing at himself.

Fairy Princess Minuet

… teaches other fairies, elves and other magical friends to dance in her Fairyland Dance Studio.

Her tutu is white with marshmallow-pink swirls. On her feet she wears pointe shoes – these are very special and allow her to dance on her tippie toes.’

Fairy Princess Minuet loves to say “Princess Perfect” when everything is just as perfect as could be.

Before Fairy Princess Minuet dances she always remembers her dancing manners.

Twinkle the Tooth Fairy

… has her very own fairy song, and by reading the words of this song, you’ll be able to find out all about our golden, beautiful fairy, Twinkle.

When children lose a baby tooth, a fairy comes and visits soon. She takes the tooth to light the sky, then leaves a shiny coin behind.
With the tooth she flies so high, up and away into the sky.

Then gently sets the tooth so bright, into the sky to shine at night.

Bubbles the Beach Fairy

… is a very pretty fairy dressed in a sparkling blue dress, the very same colour as the ocean.

Bubbles lives on Fairy Beach, a pretty little cove with soft white sand and bright blue water that laps gently at the beach.