Implementing The Fairies – Fairy Dancing Program

We’ve spent a long time putting our heads together in order to create a seamless transition into implementing our Fairy Dancing Programs. By following this step by step guide, you can be assured that everything is needed to fill your dance school with imagination and magic for the students to thrive in.

You’ll notice that our dance program is built around months and not terms, this is to ensure your young students stay engaged and focused. We believe that the key is to combine this monthly program with music that they know and love, ensuring they have a wonderful time!

If you follow these simple steps every month, we’d don’t believe anything can go wrong.


  • Ensure all class lists are completed and don’t exceed the maximum number
  • Ensure all children’s names are spelt correctly and that they have a name tag
  • Ensure there are the correct number of weeks on each class list
  • Ensure you have all contact details for each student
  • Ensure that the enrolment database, class lists and class roles all correlate and are
  • of the same number
  • Ensure all staff know what their roster is for the term
  • Organise a staff meeting before the commencement of term to brief staff on
  • new program and other relevant info
  • Ensure all staff have the appropriate uniform
  • Put all new music files on the media player that are to be used for the next
  • terms programs
  • Don’t forget to check your remotes and clocks (and all batteries)


Sort enrolment forms as they come in, making sure any spelling errors on class role and name badges are amended.

Sign up and add any new enrolments.


Send your first newsletter to parents/carers.


Do you have any students who have missed the first two lessons? It’s a good idea to check in on them and give a polite follow up call to make sure they are alright.

Print certificates for all children and write individual names on them.

Email all parents your next newsletter welcoming them to the second month.


At the beginning of class, invite parents and/or carers to come into the class to enjoy watching the last 10 minutes and hand out certificates for the month and tell them the theme for the following month.

By sticking to this timeline, you are constantly engaging with the parents. By having monthly rotating themes, you are keeping the children engaged. Having money coming in each month gives you constant cash flow instead of once a term. For parents paying each month it is easier for them to budget.

Can you tell that hard-working parents have created this yet? We truly believe this is the way forward for how pre-school dance schools can operate.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial of The Fairies Fairy Dancing Program and imagine the incredible possibilities it can bring to your dance school.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us today. We’d love to hear from you! support@fairydancing.com