Fill Your Preschool Dance Classes by using The Fairies Dance Program

We all start the year with renewed passion, energy and excitement ready to fly into the new year with purpose. Perhaps you’ll decide that you want to grow your dance school, or maybe you are wanting to start your own business and start your very own dance school. Regardless of what your goals are, we are here to help!

Working alongside us, our Fairy Dancing Program will help you attract and retain more students and create more memories by saving you precious time. This program will allow you to do what you love.

What is Fairy Dancing? Our Fairy Dancing Program has everything you need to run a successful pre-school dance program. From student material to weekly newsletters, after service materials, personal certificates for every student, different themes each month, and full lesson plans with music – all that’s left is for you to fill the room with your own Fairy Magic!

We believe that the best way to grow your dance school is from the bottom up. Pre-schoolers are the answer to your student numbers. If you get your formula right, you will retain these students for many years to come. This is where we can help!

We asked ourselves, why does a pre-school program run on a 10-week timetable? The parents of toddlers don’t go by a school term, and by continuing with classes year-round you are keeping your students engaged all the time. They are not stopping and looking for something else, they will be committed to you. The other added bonus is you’ll have income all year round!

Make your dance school the place that parents are talking about by standing out from other dance schools. By using our pre-school focused dance program that is built around months and not terms, your students will stay engaged and focused while having a wonderful time. We believe that this combined with having music that they know and creating an imaginative and magical environment where they can learn and thrive is the key.

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Created by trained professionals, each class is specifically designed using educational pedagogy, psychology, theoretical concepts, knowledge and research, and using elements created for The Fairies. It’s this combination that create truly magical programs that are filled with love.