The Fairies brand and Fairy Dancing have been developed by The Fairies over the past 23 years. Our Fairy Dancing programs are designed by professionals using their educational pedagogy, psychology, theoretical concepts, knowledge and research, using elements created for The Fairies. Fairy Dancing is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme for dance studios, but by adding the Fairy Dancing program to your dance world, combined with your excellent staff, processes and hard work, we believe Fairy Dancing will add value to your dance world.

We can’t, and don’t make any guarantees about your own ability to attract students, create memories or save time, but if you follow the Fairy Dancing program, you should achieve results. The Fairies Fairy Dancing Program, our websites, social media pages or strategies or anything we may say from time to time does not guarantee your future earnings. Any questions about this may be emailed to support@fairydancing.com. Have a fan-fairy-tastic day!