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The magic behind the Fairies

The Fairies

About The Fairies

The Fairies™ is an enchanting, magical children’s entertainment brand, brought to life as a children’s TV show. It is based on the five central characters in Harmony and Rhapsody (the two beautiful fairies), Barnaby the Bizzy Buzzy Bee, Elf the Fairy Cake Maker and Wizzy the Wizard. Their days are filled with magic, friends, singing, dancing and of course Fan-fairy-tastic fun.

Fairy Dancing

About Fairy Dancing

The Fairy Dancing™ Program is unique, as it provides opportunities for children to immerse themselves in The Fairies™ experience, and to participate in a learning environment which uses music, movement, and dance to develop children’s cognitive, emotional and social needs. By associating fairies with dancing, the art of dance is transformed into a magical experience that children will cherish.

This is the power of The Fairies and Fairyland – every little girl wants to be a fairy, and we are helping to make their dreams come true.

Jen Watts

About The Creator

Jen Watts is the creative mind behind the children’s entertainment brand “The Fairies”. Her goal within this industry was to be the best preschool entertainment concept for girls in the world.

Jen Watts, 53 years old lives in one of the most stunning parts of the world, near a beach in South Australia, Australia. She is a mother of 3 children and is extremely passionate about the importance of early childhood experiences, education, surroundings and exposures in shaping children’s entire future. She feels as though she has been given a gift that is so precious, she treasures every day. The gift to write entertaining, enthralling stories for pre-schoolers, and the ability to make a small difference to the lives of children through The Fairies.

Over the last 20 years Jen has written 70 episodes of television and 11 DVD specials; lyricist for 200 songs (3 ARIA nominated albums for “Best Children’s Album”), writer and director of close to 30 stage shows and Executive Producer of 78 TV episodes.

The next step is Jen’s fan-fairy-tastic journey is to share her love of fairies through the magical Fairy Dancing program. Jen has teamed up with dance educators to bring a dance program every child will love. The Fairy Dancing Program has been designed by a fully qualified teacher with many years of experience both within the classroom and in teaching Dance. The program is unique, as it provides opportunities not only for children to immerse themselves in a ‘Fairyland’ experience, but to participate in a learning environment which uses music, movement, and dance to develop children’s cognitive, emotional and social needs.

Jen is so excited to share her magical fairyland world with you.

Megan Burns

Megan Burns

About The Co-Founder

Megan Burns is the co-founder of Fairy Dancing. She has owned and run a preschool dance studio boasting 230 students under the age of 5 who graced her doors each week. 

She has been with The Fairies for the last 9 years and has a great love of the art of dance doing ballet herself for 14 years and loving every moment. She still remembers her first concert at 4 years of age where she was a mouse in Cinderella. These fond memories that dance has given over her lifetime are both priceless and irreplaceable and the lessons learned from this artform have given her the skills to help mould the person she is today.

Megan has three children and lives on the surf coast of Victoria, Australia. She has owned and run a preschool dance studio boasting 230 students under the age of 5 who graced her doors each week. Megan understands the difficulties dance studio owners face and acknowledges their struggles but reaffirms that a smile seen on a child’s face when they are doing something they love or enjoying a magical moment for the first time makes everything worthwhile. She is certain students will look back on their experience when they are adults and thank their parents for giving them the opportunity to embrace the love of dance.

Megan first fell in love with the brand when her daughter Lily was just two years of age The Fairies approach to introducing children into the world of dance through a magical pathway is unique. Her daughter was always so shy and would never leave her side Fairy Dancing gave her daughter the extra confidence she needed and a new love in her life. She is now a thriving child that has so much more confidence than was ever thought possible.

Megan’s valued life experiences have enabled her to assess the struggles of a dance studio owner and formulate the Fairy Dancing program, imagine no more time spent on trying to think of a way to make your studio different to the one down the road. No more time spent making your preschool dance classes different to keep their interest. No more time spent writing scripts or paying another staff member to write them. Streamline practices to make your life and your staffs easy and show the parents this is where their children should be. Allowing studio owners to concentrate on what they do best – sharing the love of dance.

Fairy Dancing is a passion of Megan’s and she can’t wait to share it with the world.

Miss Rhiannon

Miss Rhiannon

About the Dance Teacher

Miss Rhiannon is an accomplished dancer and experienced dance teacher. She has been working as a dance teacher for 20 years and started working with The Fairies in 2007.

Rhiannon has completed a 3-year Bachelor of Dance Performance Degree (AC Arts) and a Diploma of Education (Uni SA). 

As a performer, Rhiannon has worked with many well-known choreographers and danced in various productions and corporate functions. She was also chosen to be a Fairy Ballerina in Series 3 of The Fairies.

Rhiannon currently works within the education system teaching dance and drama, choreographing musicals for various schools and as a dance teacher at a local performing arts studio. 

She adores children, and is a very proud mother to her beautiful daughter, Poppy, who has just turned seven years of age

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