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Some of The Fairies best songs are on this fan-fairy-tastic CD.

Fairy Magic is a musical adventure starring two beautiful fairies, Harmony & Rhapsody who live in Fairyland at the bottom of the garden. There is always excitement around Harmony and Rhapsody and all of their Fairyland friends as they explore their world through play and adventure.

Fairy Magic is a wonderful, magical, musical adventure into a world full of laughter, singing, dancing and of course fan-fairy-tastic fun! Featuring fabulous tracks such as; Hello, Hello, Hello, Dance the Sleep Away, Marvellous Magic and Bonus tracks such as Good Things Go Round & Round, It’s A Dream Come True, Fairy Bubbles and If I Were a Queen.

Track Listing

  1. The Fairies Theme Song
  2. Fairy Dressing
  3. Hello Hello Hello
  4. Fairyland Clickety Clock
  5. Dance the Sleep Away
  6. Sliding Sliding
  7. Fairy Mail
  8. My Name is Wizzy the Wizard
  9. Marvellous Magic
  10. The Bizzy Buzzy Bee Bop
  11. Night Time Dark Time
  12. Night Time Dressing
  13. Hello To You
  14. A Fairy Party
  15. Have Fun
  16. Good Things Go Round
  17. Honesty Is Very Cool
  18. Surprise! Fairy Happy Birthday
  19. It’s A Dream Come True
  20. Parties
  21. Rainbow Miracle
  22. Fairy Bubbles
  23. If I Were A Queen
  24. We Love A Fairy Ring
  25. In the Fairyland Garden
  26. NowWe Have To Go

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