Double DVD Fairy Magic

Double DVD – Fairy Magic & How To Be A Fairy Dancing Girl


The Fairies two best-selling DVDs are available to buy together for just $17 for a limited time.

Fairy Magic: A wave of a wand and a sprinkle of fairy dust takes you through the Magical Mystery Tree and into Fairyland to join the beautiful fairies Harmony & Rhapsody, and their magical friends. With dazzling smiles, twinkling eyes and excitable enthusiasm all wrapped up in singing and dancing, Harmony and Rhapsody encourage friendship, self esteem, problem solving and decision making in this special fairy story.

How To Be A Fairy Dancing Girl: Fairy girls all over the world love to dance. IN this dancing DVD, join a Fairy Dancing Class in your home, as Harmony & Rhapsody teach the steps to their favourite songs, including the fabulous hits “Jump Jump Star” and “Fairy Dancing Girl”.


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