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Love Dancing, Love Music, Love Fairies

feetChildren love dancing, love music and love fairies, so by joining a Fairy Dancing class, you will be ticking all of their boxes! Click on the links to the left to find out what kind of Fairy Dancing is offered at the venue near you.

FAIRY | Fairies encapsulate everything preschool girls want in their lives. Beauty, music, dance, magic and fun – with wings, wands, masks and an overabundance of sparkles.  Children adore Fairies.

DANCING | Dance is the art of rhythmic movement.  Freedom, physical expression, energetic, feeling good, singing along and grooving to music.  Children love to dance.

FAIRY DANCING | Combines both passions.  Children dress up in gorgeous Fairy costumes and are given instruction on how to dance while listening to music they know and love.

Why Fairy Dancing

Everyone loves Fairy Dancing™!  For over 8 years The Fairies has been running Fairy Dancing™ classes and birthday parties for children aged 1-8 years across Australia.

Mums and Dads delight in the thrill of dressing up their little Fairies and Elves and watching them twirl and bop along as they progress through the world of dancing lessons.

Even science agrees.  Research has proven dance enhances a child’s development as it puts the wellbeing of children totally in the forefront.

It influences children’s identity in positive ways by inspiring involvement, interaction and staying active.

Dance lessons encourage concentration, developing physical movement, gaining listening skills and encouraging creativity. These outcomes are achieved through various activities focussing on gross motor skills, balance and rhythm.

Children can’t wait for their next Fairy Dancing™ lesson and parents marvel at how well each child progresses through the curriculum resulting in families returning year after year.

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