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Term 2 2018 will soon be starting, so if you’re not already a Fairy Dancer, we would love you and your fairy to come and watch a lesson, or have a free trial lesson, so you can see just how magical and fun it truly is to dance in Fairyland!

Click on our links to the left to find out about the many different classes we teach at The Fairies Klemzig including Fairy Dancing for children 2 years up to 6 years, and Step Up Dancing for those ready to pirouette their way into a more formal class.


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Up to 3 years old class

All lessons for this age range have been designed with a specific focus on the development of basic movement skills as well as an appreciation of and confidence in dance.

In summary, the skills explored cover the key areas of core strength and gross motor skills through the development of auditory skills, rhythm and basic counting, keeping time, spatial awareness, and co-ordination, an introduction to stretching, balance and music interpretation.

Obviously, we are also encouraging the development of imagination and confidence as well as cooperation and respect.

Each activity in each lesson is designed to introduce, develop and refine one or more of these skills. Such skills are not only integral in developing young dancers, but are also important in the cognitive, emotional and social development of children.

In keeping with the cognitive development level of such an age range, this unit is very structured, uses repetition, and is appropriately paced. Teachers and assistants are very aware of the unique needs of this age group and will at all times be supportive and encouraging whilst helping children to learn and appreciate working in a group environment.

From this class, children move onto the 3-4 class.

3-4 year old class

All lessons for this age range have been designed with a specific focus on the continued development of basic movement skills as well as an appreciation of and confidence in dance.

In summary, those key areas of core strength and gross motor skills introduced in the up to 3 class through the development of auditory skills, rhythm and basic counting, keeping time, spatial awareness, and co-ordination are built upon in this class.

The basic skills of stretching, balance and music interpretation introduced in the 2-3 age group are further developed in this age range. We continue to encourage the development of imagination and confidence as well as cooperation and respect.

Each activity in each lesson is designed to further develop and refine the skills already attained. In keeping with the cognitive development level of such an age range, this unit is also very structured, uses repetition, and is appropriately paced. When the groups are ready, new and more challenging exercises are introduced and existing exercises modified. This may be at different times for different classes, as not all groups will progress in the same way.

Teachers and assistants are very aware of the unique needs of this age group and are very skilled at helping each child develop at his or her own pace.

The 5+ classes are the next and last step in the fairy Dancing Program before children then move into our formal classes.

5+ class

Students in this age range will be catered for in a manner which appropriately supports their cognitive, social, emotional and physical capabilities. As such, there are aspects of the unit which will remain constant, some that will increase in difficulty as the unit progresses to coincide with the individual groups’ development, and some that will change completely.

This group will also be engaged in the production of several ‘performance pieces’. This allows students to gain an understanding of the on-going, developmental nature of dance, as well as supporting their learning with regard to team work, memory, commitment to an end product and the importance of the ‘rehearsal process’.

These classes are not designed in a traditional format, but are a combination of experiential stimuli intermingled with more formal skills based exercises to promote progressive development. The creative concept at the heart of the course design is one that acknowledges the notion that dance is one of the many creative arts that supports critical development.

Our aim in creating this opportunity for children aged 5-6 is to provide an experience which encourages the development of each child in many different ways through the medium of dance and prepares them gently for the move into our more formal classes.

The next and final step is a progression into Step Up Dance!

These classes are designed to bridge the gap between the structured free play environment of the Fairy Dancing classes to a more traditionally structured learning environment in which the focus moves to development of technique, performance skills and assessment.

Children are still provided with an environment that is safe and nurturing, but their focus becomes a refining of performance pieces for public performance twice during each year, (should the child/family wish to participate).

The music changes to include other genres appropriate to the classes and there is an expectation that children will spend some time at home practising their pieces and skills.

Each child receives a report at the end of each term and an acknowledgement of their achievement with a small medal/trophy.

We are also proud to offer the opportunity for boys and girls to develop their confidence and performance skills through a Drama program.

This allows children who are already part of our Dance programs to further develop their performing arts skills, and children who may not be interested in Dance are given the chance to explore their creative interests in different ways.

These classes are taught by qualified teachers or by persons studying in the fields of teaching and/or Drama and each term’s program theme runs in conjunction with that of the Dance programs.

At the end of each term, each Drama class presents a performance piece to parents and special people in a very casual, relaxed, non-threatening environment within the class. Each student receives a certificate of participation at the end of every term.

Whilst we accept enrollments at any age within our programs, we love to see children begin their time with us through “Mums and Bubs” classes;

The incorporation of movement and music into the everyday lives of children from the earliest of ages benefits them in wonderful and varied ways.

The Mums and Bubs program is structured and written with careful thought and extensive knowledge of the specific benefits correlating with each and every activity and experience, and as such, the program supports parents in their continued learning with weekly handouts sharing additional information and extension activities to engage in should they wish.

The program incorporates a number of activities; Free Play, Guided Activity, Directed Activity, Massage and Relaxation.

It uses a variety of appropriate music from The Fairies as well as classical music.

The most famous experiment linking music with enhanced cognitive development and ability, “The Mozart Effect”, proves that listening to classical music (particularly Mozart) boosts comprehension, concentration, attention span, memory and recall. As such, the particular combinations of various styles of music in this program have been chosen to provide maximum benefit.

During the lessons, parents are encouraged to interact with their child not only physically, but verbally. Directional language used by the teacher and then the parents further enhances the learning experience for each child.

Each class runs for 30 minutes with a maximum of 8 mums or dads (with bubs) in each session.

The mantra for the program is: Repetition = Success = Confidence = Skill Retention = Meaningful Growth and Development!

From Mums and Bubs, our little ones move into the Fairy Dancing Program, beginning in the up to 3 classes.

minuet_SAU6926If you’re not sure whether your little one will love Fairy Dancing, Step Up Dance with Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop, or even Junior Ballet, then we’d love you to both come along for a Free Trial Lesson.

You can relax with a coffee in the parents’ waiting area, while you watch her lesson live on our TV. We know you’ll both LOVE the experience!

Please contact our store for up to date term prices. If your fairy child joins part way through a term, then we will reduce the cost of the term accordingly.

The full term’s fees must be paid at the start of the term, and if you want to ensure your child’s place in the same class the following term, payment must be made by the last class.

If your fairy child misses a lesson, you have the opportunity at any time during the term for a “make up” lesson.

Payment can be made by cash, master card or visa.

We would love your fairy child to join us at The Fairies Geelong. Just click the Enrol Now button below and complete our online registration form. As soon as we receive your fees and your registration form, your place will be confirmed!

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FDGwrapWe understand the expense of a uniform can sometimes be the breaking point between affording dance lessons … or not … so we do not insist on a Fairy Uniform in order to attend dance classes.

That said, we know that all little girls LOVE their fairy ballet dresses, so we have designed a uniform that is unique to The Fairies, is ex
clusive to Fairy Dancers, and is very, very special!

It consists of a leotard, wrap, tutu and headband, all for just $80. Your fairy child can either have bare feet or ballet slippers (but no socks thank you – they can be too slippery on tiny feet). Once you register for Fairy Dancing, you will be able to purchase your fairy dance costume online with your registration number.

Coming Soon

My daughter is obsessed!! She loves going to fairy dancing and it has helped with her confidence so much. Thank you fairies for an awesome year!

Can Carers Watch the Classes?

Carers are not permitted to sit in on lessons, but are happily encouraged to sit in our specially designed parents’ waiting area and watch their fairies live on the TV monitor.

We find that children are far less likely to participate in an engaged manner if adults are present. Their ability to listen, cooperate, and gain full advantage of the opportunity to grow in confidence and within a peer group is seriously compromised when adults, other children, siblings, grandparents etc are in the dance space.

Should particular children require parental attendance for medical reasons, or due to other special needs, this can be negotiated on an individual basis with the teacher. Should you need to do this, please make a time to meet with your child’s teacher before the commencement of lessons. We would prefer the opportunity to negotiate strategies with you before your child’s first lesson so as to optimize their chances for success.

What if we miss a Class?

If a lesson is missed, that lesson may be made up in the same term as the missed class. This will be recorded and checked off at the make-up lesson.

The make-up lesson must be in the same age-group as your child would usually attend. You may find that the lesson content and/or structure of the make-up lesson is slightly different than your child’s usual lesson as we cater for the specific needs of each group and its varying capabilities, talents, etc. Consequently, content and structure can differ between groups within the same age-range, however we’re sure your fairy friend will love it just as much.

If your class happens to fall on a public holiday, the missed/make up lesson guidelines apply.

Can I have a FREE trial lesson?

Of course! Just give us a call or an email to arrange this.

t. 03 5245 8314

Can boys participate in Fairy Dancing?

We welcome boys, however we do like to point out that the classes are designed for Fairies, not Elves, and are very ‘pink’. That said, we’ve had some awesome Bee Boyz in our classes over the years who have gone on to be amazing hip hop, funk and classical dancers! Give us a call to discuss the best class for your boy.