Bedtime Stories!

Read the adventures of the Fairies, just click a story below!!

Best Friends, Harmony, Rhapsody and Barnaby the Bizzy Buzzy Bee skipped through the door of the Magical Mystery Tree ready for a game of hide and seek in the top of the garden.

Harmony covered her eyes and counted to fairy ten while Rhapsody and Barnaby hid.

‘Fairy one, fairy two, fairy three, fairy four, fairy five, fairy six, fairy seven, fairy eight, fairy nine, fairy ten! Coming, ready or not!’ called Harmony.

When Harmony had found them both, it was Barnaby’s turn to cover his eyes. But just as he started to count, he heard the children from the top of the garden heading their way.

‘Harmony, Rhapsody, quick … fairy size!’ Barnaby warned them.

Lily was telling her cousin, Emma about her first wobbly Tooth. Harmony and Rhapsody were both excited for Lily. ‘We must tell Twinkle the Tooth Fairy!’ said Rhapsody.

‘Do you really think the Tooth Fairy will visit me?’ asked Lily. Emma smiled and nodded as she gave Lily a hug. ‘Of course, Lily. The Tooth Fairy comes when you’re fast asleep and swaps your tooth for a shiny coin.’

Emma and Lily ran off to play. Harmony and Rhapsody waved their wands at the Magical Mystery Tree. ‘To Fairyland,’ said Barnaby, and they skipped through the secret door together.

Barnaby buzzed off to tell Elf about their adventure. Harmony giggled. ‘Oooh, how exciting! I haven’t seen Twinkle the Tooth Fairy for such a long time!’

‘Let’s send her a letter by Fairymail,’ suggested Rhapsody.

Special magic fairy wand
With this little spell
Please bring me pretty fairy paper
And a pen as well!

Dear Twinkle,’ Rhapsody wrote, ‘Please come to Fairyland as soon as possible. Love from Harmony and Rhapsody.’

Rhapsody popped the letter into the mushroom letterbox and the fairies sand together…

We wrote a special letter
This letter now we send
Please grow wings and fly, fly, fly
Take this letter to our friend.

With its dainty wings and bells, the Fairymail flew towards Twinkle the Tooth Fairy’s home.

In no time at all a beautiful gold fairy appeared. ‘Hello, Harmony! Hello, Rhapsody,’ smiled Twinkle the Tooth Fairy.

‘Hello, Twinkle,’ the two friends said together. ‘It’s so good to see you,’ said Harmony. ‘We have some special news. Lily, from the top of the garden, has a wobbly tooth.’

As the fairy friends were talking, they heard the twinkling of fairy bells. ‘What a beautiful sound,’ said Rhapsody. ‘I wonder where it’s coming from?’ she said.

Twinkle knew the answer. ‘They’re fairy bells from my magical bracelet,’ she explained. ‘When a child loses a tooth, their name is spelt out on my magic bracelet. Lily’s tooth must have fallen out because the letters now spell “Lily”.’

It’s time to swap Lily’s tooth for a shiny coin, fairies. Do you want to come and keep me company while the girls fall asleep?’ asked Twinkle.

‘Yes, please!’ said Harmony and Rhapsody.

The fairies all waved their wands and in a burst of stars they appeared at the top of the garden.

‘Be careful not to lose your tooth, Lily,’ said Emma. ‘The Tooth Fairy will visit tonight to swap it for a shiny coin.’

‘Don’t worry, Emma, I’m going to put my tooth in a special box, right next to my bed,’ said Lily. ‘I can’t wait to see if the Tooth Fairy really does come!’

That night, as the moon rose in the twinkling night sky, Emma and Lily snuggled into their beds. Evan though Lily was so excited she thought she would never sleep, it wasn’t long before both girls were in the land of sleepy dreams.

‘They both look so peaceful,’ smiled Harmony. ‘It’s time,’ whispered Twinkle and they all flew into the sleeping girls’ bedroom.

Twinkle landed gently on the bedside table next to Lily, who was fast asleep, and swapped her tooth for a shiny coin. Harmony was very excited to think that Twinkle would now fly Lily’s tooth into the sky where it would one day become a twinkling star!

‘No wonder she’s called Twinkle the Tooth Fairy!’ giggled Rhapsody.

One they were safely back in the Snuggery, Harmony and Rhapsody, who were both exhausted, went straight to sleep. Twinkle, who was used to being awake at night was off to find a special place for Lily’s tooth in the sky. ‘Goodnight, fairies,’ she whispered to her friends. ‘Happy fairy dreams!’

The next day, Harmony and Rhapsody were both still sleeping, while in the top of the garden, Lily was wide awake. ‘Emma, you were right!’ she screamed in delight. ‘The Tooth Fairy did come. My tooth is gone and there’s a shiny coin!’

Emma was so happy for Lily she skipped off to her favourite place in the garden. ‘Thank you, fairies, for making Lily’s day so special,’ she whispered.

Nearby, Twinkle was listening. ‘That’s my fairy pleasure,’ she thought, then she flew home to sleep, ready for her next night-time adventure.

Pretty pink fairy Rhapsody was fast asleep in the land of dreams. When the sun began to shine in Fairyland, she woke up.

Rhapsody stretched and said to her best fairy friend, ‘I’m still really sleepy, Harmony!’

Harmony had a brilliant idea! ‘We need to go to the top of the garden and dance the sleep away.’

As the fairies skipped through the door in the Magical Mystery Tree they wondered what sort of day it would be at the top of the garden.

With a wave of their magic wands, the fairies made themselves as big as real girls and boys and began to sing and dance.

Dance, dance, dance the sleep away
Let’s all start the day in a dancing way
Wake, wake, wake yourself up everyday
And dance, dance, dance the sleep away

‘That was a fan-fairy-tastic way to start the day, Harmony,’ said Rhapsody.

Suddenly, Harmony heard voices, ‘Quick Rhapsody, it’s the children – we can’t let them see us!’

The fairies waved their wands and became fairy size, then flew across the garden and hid behind a tree.

The children at the top of the garden, Arabella, Emma and William, were discussing what game to play when William had an idea.

‘The wind is blowing, which means it’s the perfect day to fly a kite,’ he said.

‘You’re right,’ agreed Emma.

Harmony and Rhapsody giggled. ‘Flying a kite sounds like a really fun game,’ said Harmony.

‘I know!’ said Rhapsody. ‘We could make a kite of our own to fly in Fairyland!’

So they waved their wands, and in a burst of stars, the fairies disappeared from the top of the garden.

Harmony and Rhapsody decided to ask their special friend, Elf the Fairy Cake Maker for some good kite-making ideas.

‘You could use coloured paper and bright paint so your kite is easy to see in the sky,’ elf suggested.

‘Let’s go to the Snuggery and make our kite right now!’ said Rhapsody, and the fairies skipped away leaving Elf to his morning exercises.

‘I’m so excited,’ giggled Rhapsody. ‘I love art and craft and making our very own kite is going to be such fun!’

Harmony was thrilled too. ‘It’s lots of fun painting and gluing and sticking things together, Rhapsody. I’m sure this kite will fly like a beautiful bird!’

The fairies spent the morning making their kite, but when they had finally finished and tried to fly their kite in Fairyland, it wouldn’t fly at all!

Rhapsody was very disappointed. ‘we didn’t make a good kite, Harmony. It won’t fly one little bit!’

Harmony thought about the problem. ‘I think we’ve made a fan-fairy-tastic kite, Rhapsody, but I think something in Fairyland is missing.’

‘Missing,’ wondered Rhapsody. ‘What could be missing in Fairyland?’

‘Wind,’ laughed Harmony. ‘The children at the top of the garden said it was a good day for flying a kite because the wind was blowing.’

‘But there’s no wind in Fairyland, Harmony,’ sighed Rhapsody.

‘Cheer up Rhapsody,’ Harmony smiled. ‘We can fly our kite at the top of the garden!’

The fairies were right after all. Their kite did fly; it just needed wind!

Skipping through the garden, Harmony and Rhapsody laughed and sang as their fairy kite flew in the blue sky.

‘Our kite flies so well, Harmony! We did do a good job making it!’  giggled Rhapsody. ‘And now I’ve run so much, even my wings are tired!’

‘Quick Rhapsody, I can hear the children coming! We can’t let them see us,’ whispered Harmony.

The fairies quickly waved their magic wands and became fairy size just as Arabella, William and Emma rode their bikes into the garden.

As the best fairy friends flew back home through the door in the Magical Mystery Tree, they both agreed there was only one word to describe kite flying… fan-fairy-tastic fun!

One beautiful morning in Fairyland, Rhapsody woke up and remembered it was a very special day.

‘Harmony, today’s the day! Fairy Beach day!’ said Rhapsody.

Harmony was excited, too. ‘Let’s get dressed in our fairy way.’

Goodnight moonlight, hello sun
It’s time to start the day
In our fairy way
Let’s put our fairy dresses on
In our fairy way!

In a burst of stars, the fairies appeared in Fairyland. ‘Nobody’s here yet, Harmony,’ said Rhapsody looking around. Let’s call our friends with the special fairy call!’

‘Fairy one, fairy two, fairy three… Barnaby! Elf! Wizzy!’ called Harmony.

‘Acorn! Buttercup!’ added Rhapsody.

‘Hello, fairies! You called?’ said Barnaby the Bizzy Buzzy Bee. Wizzy the Wizard and Elf the Fairy Cake Maker, all at once.

‘We heard you calling us, too! Chipped in elf tot, Acorn and Buttercup, the fairy tot. ‘What’s happening, fairies?’ asked Buttercup. ‘Do you have something special to show us?’ She asked.

Rhapsody was so excited she jumped up and down on the spot. ‘ We have an exciting place to take you! It’s called Fairy Beach!’

‘Fairy Beach?’ they all wondered.

‘It’s the most fan-fairy-tastic beach, with golden sand and turquoise water and lots of exciting places to explore,’ laughed Harmony and Rhapsody.

Everyone in Fairyland was laughing excitedly as they rushed to collect surfboards, buckets and spades. Everyone that is, except for Barnaby.

‘Fairy Beach!’ he cried. I’ve heard of the beach. Lots of white stuff that’s gritty and grainy and sticks to bees like me! And water! Oh bizzy buzzy bother!’

When everyone was ready Harmony said, ‘Let’s fly to Fairy Beach!’

‘Fly?’ gasped Elf. ‘I’ve always wanted to fly, but I don’t have wings! Are you going to give me wings, fairies?’

‘Not quite! Laughed Harmony. ‘We’re going to fly in this boat and meet our good friend Bubbles the Beach Fairy,’ she said.

With a wave of their wands, the boat flew through the clouds all the way to Fairy Beach.

‘Fly boat, fly!’ said the fairies.

Bubbles was ready and waiting for her Fairyland friends. ‘Hello and welcome! It’s so good to have you here to swim and play with on Fairy Beach!’

Once Harmony and Rhapsody had introduced everyone to Bubbles, they were all ready for some fun!

Wizzy skipped across the sand chasing a giant ball.

Elf loved nothing more than leaping across the sand collecting shells.

Acorn and Buttercup built a spectacular sandcastle.

Everyone was having a fan-fairy-tastic time except for Barnaby, who sat in the magic boat looking miserable.

‘Barnaby, what’s wrong! Said Harmony.

‘Nothing’s wrong,’ buzzed Barnaby, clearly upset.

‘I think I can help,’ said Bubbles. Magically, her fairy shell book appeared in her hands. ‘What Barnaby needs,’ she said as she waved her wand, ‘is a beach outfit ESPECIALLY for bees.’

And as Bubbles said a special magic spell, and waved her sparkling blue wand over her spell book, Barnaby’s velvet jacket, stripey pants and fluffy golden boots were magically changed into a very gorgeous black and gold striped wetsuit!

‘Wow! Look at me! A beach bee with my very own black and gold wetsuit! Thank you Bubbles, I’m going to just LOVE Fairy Beach now!’

Barnaby waved to Elf. ‘Elf! Can I please have a turn of your surfboard?’ he pleaded.

‘Sure can, Barnaby. Come on in, the waves are perfect.’

But Barnaby had no intention of surfing in the water-he wanted to surf ON Fairy Beach. The others all showed him how to balance on the board.

After a wonderful day at Fairy Beach, the Fairyland friends all jumped in the magic boat and waved goodbye to Bubbles.

‘Thanks Bubbles,’ said Harmony. ‘There’s only one word to describe the fun we’ve had on Fairy Beach….’

‘Fan-fairy-tastic!’ they all shouted together.

‘Fairy goodbye!’